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Policy Statements

The full text of the Werowocomoco Policy on Native American Grave Sites and Human Remains reads as follows:

The Virginia Indian community recommends that every effort should be made to avoid disturbing gravesites and human remains. If disturbed, the remains should be reburied in the same or approximate location or as close to the original location as possible without risking future disturbance.

If any human remains and/or grave goods are determined to be Native American, all further excavation, testing and analysis of the remains and goods should stop. The Virginia Council on Indians, tribal chiefs and Werowocomoco Virginia Indian Advisory Board shall be notified immediately by the Werowocomoco Research Group (WRG).

The Virginia Indian Advisory Board, in consultation with their individual tribes and the Virginia Council on Indians, will determine for the WRG the eventual disposition of the Native American human remains and/or grave goods as a recommendation to the landowners and the Commonwealth of Virginia. The preferred disposition will be reburial at a permanent site as close as possible to their original location, where no future excavation will be planned.

Adopted unanimously by the Werowocomoco Research Group and approved by the landowners - June 10, 2003