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York River
 Looking southeast down the York River.

Future Plans

New Questions and Ongoing Research
The field research at Werowocomoco has raised several new questions that can only be addressed through additional analysis and future fieldwork.



  • Do the intact layers in the cornfield contain evidence of Werowocomoco's natural environment and its residents' foodways in the form of plant materials?
    - Ongoing study of soils collected from this area of the site will help us to answer this question.
  • Are the post stains from the cornfield and the river front related to house patterns?
    - Larger-scale excavations in these areas will likely expose additional post stains that clarify this question.
  • Do the ditch features that we exposed in the corn field date to the Native or the English colonial occupations at the site?
  • Careful examination of one of the early seventeenth-century maps of Werowocomoco, the Zuniga Map, reveals what appears as two D-shaped patterns. Might these be related to the ditches found at the site?


Together with the Virginia Indian community, the WRG endeavors to answer these and other questions with another archaeological field school in the summer of 2004 and in the years to come.